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Dawn Van Dam

Executive Director

Dawn has always brought creativity, passion and innovation to her work. As Founder and Executive Director of the Music Matters Club, her goal is to inspire and connect the world to improve the impact of music in everyone’s life. A graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and winner of the Brownlee Award for leadership, Dawn has also been featured in “Women in the Lead”, a book published through the Richard Ivey School of Business. Dawn brings a new level of energy to the task of accelerating the adoption of music into our lives to improve our lives. Whether it is her restless and enquiring mind that will not relax until new insights and ideas are uncovered – or her drive to identify funding to bring a new solution to the market – she is continuously sharing and shaping solutions. Her determination and the ability to focus and drive projects is one of her greatest strengths. The word “can’t” simply isn’t in her vocabulary. She invites you to join in on this journey to accelerate the world’s adoption of music into the many facets of our lives to enrich, enhance and engage us all!

Kosta Pachneris

Director of Partnerships and Sponsorships

Kosta holds over 10 years of customer service and social media experience in the music and entertainment industry, and has always brought his passion for Hip Hop, R & B, and urban music into his work. As the new Director of Partnerships and Sponsorships with the Music Matters Club, he is eager to contribute his skills while honing his craft. His work experience includes writing music reviews, criticism blogs, and creating original content for social channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. In his former role with Canyon Entertainment Group, he specialized in social media marketing and enhanced the company’s virtual outreach and promotion efforts while leading a team. He is a proud member of the disability community with a keen desire to learn and grow in the music industry.


Yehia El Besher

Director of Strategy and Operations

Yehia graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts and holds over 7 years of administrative and operational experience in the corporate sector as well as several non-governmental and non profit organizations. In the Music Industry, Yehia developed his networking, administrative, and organizational skills through different roles with Toronto based record label Canyon Entertainment Group as well as a current position as Marketing and Operations Coordinator at Canyon Growth. Yehia’s passion for live music and performance and experience as a musician have been a great asset working on several projects such as grant writing, market research event planning, social media marketing, copy writing, artist management, and content production. As Director of Strategy and Operations at The Music Matters Cub, he is eager to contribute his skills to encourage community engagement through music and education.


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