Music Business Podcast

Education for Success in the Music Industry

The Star Pow-R Podcast brings you insider information about how to break into the music industry. With tips, trends and insights, this podcast will teach Canadian artists and music professionals the essentials of the music industry.
It will teach about success in the music industry, how to handle the competitive environment and most of all, motivate artists to create amazing music, connect with their audiences and pursue opportunities that will allow them to establish their personal brands.


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Industry Insiders

This podcast will feature live expert interviews to provide insights into an artist’s paths to success as well as tips and tricks on how to be successful in the music industry. This unique perspective will offer information that you would not be able to find anywhere else.

Community Impact

The Star Pow-R Podcast will bring awareness about the music industry, creating new opportunities for development for all listeners at the comfort of your own homes. Artists and listeners will also have the opportunity to have their questions answered about their specific experiences to help them be as successful as possible.

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