InClass Music Field Trips (With DayTrippers)

Support the Community

Music Matters has partnered the DayTrippers Charity to bring concerts and events to classrooms to teach students about the importance of music and musical education. DayTrippers is a charity that funds school trips for lower-income schools to give students unique teaching experiences to help them build confidence and curiosity.


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Supporting Music

DayTrippers works day and night to bring students the best and most unique learning opportunities so students can develop their skills. With the Music Matters partnership, students will learn how to branch into the music industry and discover careers they may not have known about before.


Not only do InClass field trips help students professionally develop, they also work for the greater good of the community by following COVID-19 guidelines and staying safe.

Making a Difference

By sponsoring this program, you would be able to make a difference in a child’s life but also in their community to work for the development of a stronger Canada through education.

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