Healthy You(th) Festival

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The Health You(th) Festivals are interactive celebrations of music, dance and confidence-building for youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. The festivals bring together vibrant communities to celebrate music, connect and foster hope during these uncertain times. Communities all around Ontario from Kingston to Thunder Bay and anywhere in between, will be able to highlight their local talent, culture and businesses through family-oriented shows.


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Supporting Music

By attending the Healthy You(th) Festival, you will be able to support local artists from Ontario while getting the chance to celebrate your vibrant community!


By attending the Healthy You(th) Festival, you will contribute to your community by supporting local artists and businesses, while keeping everyone safe at the comfort of your own home.

Making a Difference

These concerts will truly help young people develop their love for music through celebrations of confidence. It will truly make a difference in everyone’s mental health and provide light during these unprecedented times.

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